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S Johnson & Company began trading in 1990 when Steven Johnson decided to sing solo. Our original intention was to provide a wide range of cover including motor insurance, household insurance and of course commercial lines cover.


By the early nineties the emphasis had changed from general insurance broking to specialising in commercial insurance and in 1993 Graham Ettrick joined the band to head up the commercial lines area.


Although we had concentrated on Commercial and Business covers we decided to further refine our activities by introducing in addition to said activities a scheme for the Music Industry. The Cover Notes Business Insurance scheme was conceived by Steve and Graham in 1998. The idea of the scheme was and

still is to provide tailor made quality insurance products for the Music Industry. Graham was (and still is) a musician (guitar); Steve benefits his family and friends by having given up the piano.


In 2002 Steve formed a Limited Company and Graham was invited to become a Director - a position that he accepted.


Today, as a trading name of Aston Lark Limited, Cover Notes provides insurance written specifically for the music industry.


We hope that you are interested in the services that we provide and we look forward to speaking to you.

CN - Violin


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