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Cover for Retailers, Manufacturers & Wholesalers

Special Features Include:

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·Interest Free Instalments 


·Stock - includes goods in trust, held for repair, items to be sold on commission or in storage. Second Hand Goods are covered as standard.


·Fixtures and fittings/All other Contents – includes Computer / Electronic Business equipment.


·Public & Products Liability - £5,000,000 limit of indemnity as standard. Can be extended to cover any ‘manual’ work away from your premises.


·Goods on Approval / Hire – covered as standard for a £5,000 limit.


·Exhibition Cover - Briefly: Stock and stands covered whilst at UK/EU Exhibitions up to 20% of your total stock sum insured. Stands to £10,000. Transit included. Liabilities extended. Can be increased upon request.


·Shoplifting - Theft cover extended to incorporate Shoplifting of items that have been stolen whilst secured with security wiring or in lockable display cases. £10,000 item limit applies.


·Goods in Transit UK - £25,000 as standard by your own vehicles or hauliers/carriers.


·Goods in Transit - Europe or Worldwide (Marine Transit) – we have a facility in place so that your policy can be extended to cover imports and exports, high transit limits, exhibitions above the standard cover – please contact us for details.


·Seasonal Increase: the policy provides an automatic 50% increase in respect of stock for the months of October, November, December and January or any other 4 month period agreed. Option to extend to a 6 month period.


·Reduced Policy Excesses: Standard policy excess lower at £200 and if you are a member of the MIA /Clarity (ex BADA) at time of loss, this reduces to £100. This applies to the Buildings & Contents sections of the policy.


·Wide description of trade – as well as sales, cover extends to include demonstrations, seminars, repairs, tuition/teaching schools both on and off site etc. Working from home, Wholesaling and bespoke manufacture.


·Legal Expenses - £100,000 standard cover with DAS Legal Expenses.


·Special consideration will be given to requirements such as off site storage, manual work away (installation), on site recording studios etc.


·The above points are in addition to automatic policy features, which include Accidental Damage cover, Employers' Liability, Public & Products Liability, Business Interruption, Loss of Money etc.  


The above is an overview only and varies between insurers. For full cover details, please refer to policy document, which should be considered definitive.